Cora Kane is a horror/thriller writer, a military spouse, and mother to both humans and fur-babies. She currently lives outside of Tampa, Florida with her brood. Her debut Novel, Briar Lake will be available soon.


Cora was born in a small town in North Carolina. Ghost stories were as much a part of her childhood as playing in the dirt and running barefoot. The stories, meant as deterrents and warnings for unruly children had the opposite effect. She was usually found doing exactly what she wasn’t supposed to be; whether it was crossing the dam barefoot, getting lost in the woods, or exploring an abandoned and often condemned building.

When Cora was in the fourth grade, she got her hands on her very first adult horror novel. She couldn’t sleep for days afterward and still has an issue with open closet doors but she was hooked. She knew at that moment, she wanted to be a horror/thriller writer.

Today Cora balances her time chasing children, squashing imaginary monsters, and drinking absurd amounts of coffee. When the children are sleeping, Cora creates new monsters and watches campy B movies. Sometimes she cranks out an all-too-personal article for http://www.havokjournal.com





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