Briar Lake

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The Sins of the Past will be Visited Upon the Children

Superstition, an inexplicable undertow, disappearances; when the highway bypass came to Doth, Virginia, most locals stopped going near Briar Lake. Most of them, that is, except for DEIDRE WEST.

No matter what Deidre does, no matter how well she hides her keys, she just can’t help herself. She’s willed from her bed only to find herself in the thick forgotten woods that surround Briar Lake. And it’s the very last place she wants to be.

Twenty years ago, Deidre watched helplessly as a thing of vengeful power ascended from the watery depths. It swallowed all that she loved, leaving her body and mind covered with scars that everyone could see, but that only she could feel.

Locals called it a tragedy. Officials called it a murder-suicide. Everyone called Deidre crazy.

Left to be raised by her abusive grandmother, Deidre did everything she could to distance herself from the stigma of survival. She became quiet, reserved, and rational to a fault. All Deidre wanted, was a quiet, normal life. But she just can’t stop waking up on the shores of Briar Lake. Or stop her dead relatives from appearing in her living room.

Even her best friend, HARLOW JONES insists that Deidre’s hallucinations are the result of survivors guilt and that all Deidre needs is booze, drugs, and a man.

A man like the hard-working, smooth talking ELLIS MCGREGOR. But when Ellis witnesses her sleepwalking, Deidre decides to cut him out of her life and take the steps she needs to regain her sanity. But she and Ellis are much more entwined than she ever imagined. And once again, the people she loves are threatened by the mysterious entity that isolated her all those years ago.

Deidre must face her fears, and herself, to dive deep into the past to expose the lies that are pulling all she loves towards a watery grave.

There’s a lot more in Briar Lake than just broken promises.

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